High performance grinding tools

Based on tungsten carbide.

First class grinding wheels.

Wide range of first class abrasives

We are a Danish developer and manufacturer of premium grinding tools and focus on highest quality and precision. In addition to our standard products, we offer many products in close cooperation with our customers and adapted to their individual needs. In the development of our products, we rely on the use of the latest technologies and druing production we combine grains made of tungsten carbide – one of the hardest and most wear-resistant materials in the world – with a metallic body, which ensures high grinding efficiency and a long service life. Of course, all of the products we manufacture are compatible with the leading brands of electric abrasive tool manufacturers.

Double sided HM abrasive wheel

Carbide abrasive wheel for floor grinder with star and cross tip.


375mm, 400mm

Grain size:

K10,K14,K24 und K36

Suitable for sanding spackling compounds and screeds, as well as for removing adhesive residues and other coverings.

HM Carbide abrasive wheel for angle grinder

Carbide abrasive wheel for Angle Grinder (Flat and curved)



Grain size:


Suitable for machine grinding and roughening of masonry, especially for cement, concrete, plaster, mortar, brick, aerated concrete, spackle, tile adhesive residues, etc.

HM abrasive grid

Carbide abrasive grid for edge and rotary grinders


150mm, 225mm und 400mm

Grain size:

K14 bis K120

Suitable for removing stubborn coating residues and coatings such as varnishes and paints.

The sanding grid is equipped with a Velcro holder.

HM sanding board with angle and sanding block

Dimensions sanding board: grinding board: 12 x 19 cm

Dimensions sanding block: grinding block: 12.5 x 7 cm

Grain size:


Suitable for sanding and roughening masonry, especially for cement, concrete, plaster, mortar, brick, aerated concrete, spackling compound, fiberglass rein-forced plastics, epoxy resin coatings, tile adhesive residues, etc.