Application example

Development of a new die-cut part

How to optimize a process while minimizing waste.

Task and challenge

Our customer processes plastic parts for household appliances.For this purpose, different materials are connected with a double-sided adhesive tape. 

Previously, the adhesive tape was die-cut to the exact contour and supplied as a single part. Problems repeatedly occurred during manual processing and the reject rates were very high.

This task presented an ambitious challenge for our project management. Process-related problems were to be reduced, scrap rates lowered and cycle times optimized.

Solution and result

First, we changed the makeup of the contour-accurate individual parts to multi-part sheet goods. A particular challenge in this course was the coordination of the release values. This was the only way we could ensure that the individual layers would release from each other in the right order.

Another part of our solution involved adding grip tabs to make it easier to pull off the top cover. These always had to be placed in a specific location and at a specific angle.

Fitting holes have been integrated in the sheet to ensure a precise fit.

This greatly improved layout has allowed our customer to increase their assembly speed while reducing scrap to near zero.

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